Benefits of Spinal Fig Oil

This oil contains iron and vitamin C, which have a role in strengthening the pregnant woman physically and reduce fatigue and give energy, and the elements contained in fig oil have a significant impact in the formation of the fetus better.

In addition to treating the digestive system problems, eating a teaspoon of fig oil treats the problems of diarrhea, treats hemorrhoids, and helps to lose weight, because the fig oil contains fibers that help digestion and gives a sense of satiety, so this oil is used heavily for slimming.

It also gives the body energy and vitality and activity of the elements and minerals that strengthen the body and make it permanent movement and activity, and saves the body from harmful cholesterol, and works to reduce blood pressure is an effective treatment of problems of blood vessels and heart problems, and also benefit diabetes, it works to regulate the proportion Insulin in the blood, and strengthens the teeth and bones and joints, because of the presence of vitamin D and the presence of calcium in its components.
Benefits of Spinal Fig Oil
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