Benefits of wheat germ

The benefits of wheat fortified wheat contains a natural formula in the form of a group of amino acids that help directly to renew the cells of the body, which maintains the health and youth and vitality, and provides the necessary energy, and is very useful to facilitate the work of the digestive system, because it contains On many of the mineral salts, and also protects against all health problems related to it, including indigestion, as well as problems of the colon.

In addition, it contains a high percentage of antioxidant vitamin E, which protects the body from many diseases that pose a real threat to its health and strength, as it has a high ability to get rid of damage caused by polyunsaturated fats and lipids, and protects against heart disease The deadly.

It also helps to stimulate blood circulation, which gives the body the energy, vitality and strength necessary to perform the activities and tasks required life effectively and efficiently. Contains vitamin B1, which plays a significant role in energy generation of the body, and helps significantly digest carbohydrates.

It also strengthens brain and mental functions, including comprehension, comprehension, concentration, analysis, connectivity and expression, stimulates memory strength and the ability to recall information, helps reduce harmful cholesterol in the blood, lowers high blood pressure, Blood, as active from the work of the thyroid, also helps to strengthen blood and address the problems of anemia, which is scientifically called anemia.

It also helps to strengthen the sexual ability of both sexes, and helps to treat the problems of infertility and inability to reproduce, and is very useful during different stages of pregnancy for both mother and fetus, and the post-natal period of any stage of breastfeeding.
Benefits of wheat germ
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