Benefits of water and salt for mouth

There is a solution of water and salt has benefits to the mouth, including it helps to get rid of the bad smell of the mouth, so must work with a solution of water solution and salt daily especially before sleep. Treatment of the wounds caused by tooth extraction, especially when removing the spit of the mind, adding salt to warm water reduces the pain of teeth caused by tooth decay that has been decaying.

It also prevents tooth decay by a large percentage. Maintains the gums and makes them coherent and tight as it treats water solution and salt gingivitis. To whiten the teeth, spray the salt on the brush and rub the teeth daily for two weeks. Calms mucous membranes in the mouth.

Funging with water and salt to the teeth and mouth Kill bacteria that cause inflammation, mouth odor, and reduce gum disease that causes bleeding, which is caused by overgrowth of bacteria inside the mouth. Treatment of toothache due to decay. The healing of tissues after tooth extraction, in addition to reducing inflammation, as salty water is a drug capable of swelling tissue, promotes rapid healing, in addition to it prevents infection that may affect open tissue.

It relieves the inflammation of the throat by killing the bacteria and calming the tissues in the inflamed throat. Saltwater lotion is cheaper, more environmentally friendly than commercial lotion containing harmful chemicals. Easy to use, can be easily brought at any time, and does not cause allergies, as it is non-irritating to delicate mouth tissues. Alcohol free and does not result in burning.
Benefits of water and salt for mouth
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