How the phone is exposed to viruses

 There are many ways and resources for viruses to access mobile phones, and misuse may help to install apps loaded from untrusted sources: using unofficial app stores instead of the flagship store like Google Play Store will increase Of the possibility of downloading viruses.

It is also caused by the installation of malicious applications from the official store of the operating system: such as the store Store Stor or Play Store, even though Apple and Google made a great effort to remove malicious applications from their stores; but they still exist and can be downloaded.

It can also break the protection in the phone operating system 'such as the work of the so-called generation BRIC phones running the OSOS or routine of Android devices, as these processes, even if it increases the freedom of the user, but it will also increase the possibility of a breakthrough of the phone from And will also expose the phone to greater damage if viruses enter it compared to non-breaking protection, especially the possibility of stealing private information. The gilberics and routs allow for any change in the phone's operating system, which in itself is dangerous.

Get caught up in tricks that install unwanted software by clicking on fake links on some sites or ads displayed from within apps. Phone Security: Ignorance in the principles of security and protection for smart phones.
How the phone is exposed to viruses
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