How to create a website

To create a website you must follow several steps to create a new website and ensure its success, according to the site of Tho Koo, these steps, and hosting the website and in this step rental place to contain the files of the website. Register a domain name for the website where a domain name is purchased for the website, the address entered in the web browser to access the site.

The website should also be planned. These steps include determining the type of website, its form and content, and designing the website. This is the most complicated step among the other steps. Those who want to design the site should be aware of a few things, Design, knowledge of languages ​​used in design, etc.

As the website is published, where in this step upload the site files to the site host. Promotion of the site and marketing it: to increase the number of visitors' and to maintain the periodicity of the website: the site must be maintained and updated if required.
How to create a website
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