How to make Android

To update Android, Android is updated on most devices that use the Android operating system by going to the Settings menu on the device, then around the phone, or the Tablet PC. The device may be searching for software updates, or any similar option. The phone or the phone searches for any available updates, and then goes to another list. Select Check for programming update and any similar option.

If an update is available, the device will ask if the person wants to install it. If approved, the system will download, install the new update, and restart the device. Updating your device may require a wireless Internet connection to check for the update, and it is recommended that you download the update over Wi-Fi, because the file size can be large.

One of the ways to update the Android system on the tablet If a person wants to know the operating system used by his device can do so by going to the settings menu and click on around the tablet and display the current version of Android, there are three common ways to update the Android system on the tablet, Update the system from the settings menu by pressing the Update option, and the device will log on to the manufacturer, to find new versions of the operating system, and then install it on the device.

You can also visit the manufacturer's website: there is a technical support site for each device manufacturer, which is used by opening it from the web browser on the device, updating the system, and connecting to the computer. Most manufacturers sell devices that are available to communicate with other computers, Connect the tablet to the computer, and launch the proprietary program, in this way the entire operating system is reloaded from scratch in a few minutes.
How to make Android
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