How to wash your car

It is possible to clean the hard spots such as bird droppings or dead insects using a spray tray filled with non-diluted car wash soap and washing tires. Start with the body of the car. This can be done with regular soap, brush or sponge. If the tires are hot, it is best to cool them first so that the soap does not dry during cleaning, and the sponge itself should not be used to clean the rest of the car.

The car can also be rinsed with water, by spraying the water on the car from the roof, paying special attention to the area around the windshield wipers; it is an area where dirt usually collects, the use of a bucket, and a bucket for cleaning the car; Soap in a bucket, pure water in the other bucket, then use a soft sponge to clean the part of the car, wash it in a pure water bucket; to remove the lingering dirt before re-dipping it into the soap bucket and resume cleaning, So as not to cause lingering dirt Shower paint.

Drying the car: This is done in two steps, the first of which is using a waffle-weave towel for the initial drying, in order to prevent the appearance of water stains, and then using a towel from the micro-fiber for drying. Cleaning the car from the inside The car is cleaned from the inside by following the following steps: Scan the dashboard using a chlorozer disinfectant to remove bacteria, dirt and bacteria.
How to wash your car
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