Rosemary Health Benefits

 Rosemary's herb has many health benefits, as it is used in aromatherapy. A study involving 20 adults found that inhaling rosemary oil may increase brain wave activity, reduce sleepiness, improve mood, and treat dementia. It was found in animals that the extract of rosemary leaves may help prevent infection, or treatment of dementia. Another study showed that rosemary herb has improved cognitive performance in older people.

In addition, it reduces the risk of cancer, where a study in rats showed that rosemary herb may help treat skin cancer and reduce the spread of cancer cells, and found that the study of the Rosemary extract on the skin helps to thwart the skin cells cancer, Rosemary extract was found to inhibit the growth of some cancer cells, such as lung cancer, and another study showed that rosemary was an antioxidant, protecting healthy cells.

It also helps to treat alopecia as alopecia is a disease that causes hair loss. One study involving 43 people with alopecia indicates that half of them began to grow after massage the scalp with a mixture of aromatic oils of rosemary, thyme, lavender, For seven months, researchers have shown that these essential oils are effective; to treat alopecia.

In addition, it reduces stress, as Rosemary oil reduces stress naturally. Rosemary oil inhalation before or during tests reduces the heart rate by 9%. Increased pulse rate reflects tension and anxiety. The blood circulation is common, and it is noticeable on hands and feet. A study involving women with Reno has shown that hand massage with rosemary oil helps warm the hands more than natural oils.

It also reduces arthritis: it is indicated that rosemary oil may help reduce inflammation of the tissues that can lead to swelling, pain, and stiffness. In addition, the knee arthroplasty rheumatoid arthritis for 15 minutes using three Rosemary oil Times a week, reduces their pain by 50% within two weeks, compared to people who did not use rosemary oil, where they had 12% less pain.

It also relieves pain. Rosemary is used in folk medicine to reduce pain. A study involving people after a stroke showed pain in the shoulders. A mixture of rosemary oil was used for 20 minutes twice a day, Say they have 30%, and in another study conducted on animals, it was found that rosemary oil is effective; to reduce pain more than some types of painkillers.

Rosemary Health Benefits
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