The benefits of medical anise and food

One of the best medical and nutritional benefits, where abdominal cramps and stomach cramps, coughs and calms and eliminates phlegm, relieves the symptoms of allergic asthma. It produces urine, purifies blood from waste and toxins. Energizes digestion. It facilitates birth and relieves labor pains.

In addition, it helps to expel gases from the abdominal cavity, and removes the feeling of bloating. Treat migraines and migraine headaches, improve breathing, and increase oxygen flow. Opens appetite to eat. Prevents the retention of fluid in the body, as well as prevents the sufferer "hiccups," by chewing a little of its seeds in the mouth.

In addition, it eliminates nausea, prevents cancer, treats the weakness of ovulation in women, stimulates menstrual blood, and relieves symptoms associated with menstrual syndrome. Activates kidneys. Used as a lye and sterile for the eye, it treats chest diseases, sore throat and tonsils.

Plus it calms nerves, helps relax, strengthens blood, and helps absorb iron from the intestines. Increase sexual desire in women. Helps to sleep deeply, removes the feeling of insomnia, also enhances the performance of the immune system, and prevents infection.

In addition, it imparts a wonderful flavor to many types of food especially baked sweets such as: cakes, biscuits, and cakes. Treatment of liver diseases and specific fibrosis. Enter into aromatic industries and spices.
The benefits of medical anise and food
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