Benefits of chamomile tea

One of the benefits of chamomile tea is that it is considered a treatment for colic in infants. Since colorectal infection is normal and is not considered a disease, colic produces changes in food and how to feed, and most commonly occurs during swallowing.

It also helps to relieve convulsions that occur in the body, helps to relieve vomiting in infants, and sleeps the child's comfort and comfort. It also helps to treat all chest diseases, such as coughing and shortness of breath, respiratory tract infections, and airway obstruction. Effective repellent for phlegm. Laxative for intestines, and gas repellant.

It is also considered a treatment for throat and throat infections, elimination of sinus problems, disinfectant and sterilizer for wounds, and is an anti-heat, and disposal of white mouth ulcers that appear at intervals in the first year of life of the child, and also helps to purify the eye from the discharge and secretions Which comes out of the child's eye in the first weeks of birth, and alleviates the yolk.
Benefits of chamomile tea
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