Benefits of drenched dates for infants

Dates contain a type of sugars characterized by ease of digestion and absorption, so it is a great benefit for infants. The following are some of the benefits of dipped dates for infants contributes to the protection of the baby from injury Osamco contributes to increase weight Dates also contain 1.6 of the fiber, adding fiber to food The child also helps him to regulate the functioning of the digestive system.

It helps to strengthen and strengthen the immune system, protect against cerebral palsy and retardation of growth, and helps to treat dysentery; by giving it 3 times a day and easy to get out of the teeth; so it provides the infant at the beginning of the emergence of teeth, and helps calm and sterilize gums , Moisturizes, relieves the resulting pain, and protects the child's body, by mixing it with milk.

Helps strengthen the body's structure by mixing milk, speeding up the digestive process by being easy to absorb, and providing the child with the natural sugars that his body needs. he have.

The iron helps the child's body to form red blood cells, which in turn distribute oxygen throughout the body. The child's body gets 15 milligrams of calcium, which in turn builds the baby's bones. One tablet provides the child with about 167 milligrams of potassium, Amount of folic acid, vitamin "A".
Benefits of drenched dates for infants
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