Best food for bodybuilding

One of the best foods for bodybuilding is eating foods containing protein, including fish, where fish is one of the most important foods for bodybuilders, because it contains protein and Omega 3, which helps to burn fat, and activates the brain and increase concentration.
Second, olive oil is also important for the body because it contains healthy fats useful to the body, helping to break down the fat is not useful, and contains meat, and is one of the sources rich in protein, which is one of the most important elements for gamers, Amino acids have a major role in muscle building and the ability to lift weights better.
Vegetables, where vegetables are a source of fiber and vitamins, contribute to digestion and metabolism known as metabolism. Milk: It strengthens the bones, because it is rich in calcium, and is rich in protein that strengthens the muscles, as well as oats, and because of its rich fiber, and carbohydrates, which in turn enhance energy in your body.
Fourth, green apples, as it compensates this type of apple lack of fluids and carbohydrates lost by your body while you exercise, and eggs, which is a food rich in protein and useful fats, as well as chickens, and enriched by protein and lack of fat.
Best food for bodybuilding
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