Best iPhone 4 Apps

One of the best applications is iPhone 4, a Twitter application and a social networking application where users can send small text messages called Twitter, and Efronoto is an application to record notes and tasks that users want to remember. Facebook is the official application of social networking Facebook) which was created in 2004.

In addition, it contains the application MyFitnessPal, a free application that helps the user to monitor his diet as well as the exercise and the number of calories burned daily, as well as the application of Flipboard, and this application tracks the various social networking sites and content in the form of a magazine, News of these sites easily.

PCalc, a free calculator application, allows users to perform calculations in scientific calculators. The application also includes a switch between the various modules. The application has a free version under the name PCalc Lite. MailPilot is a free e-mail application that enables users to follow up on their e-mail messages, quickly organize them, save them for later, and connect them to specific tasks.

As well as various Google apps: including the Google+ app, the Google Maps application, the GMail application, and many other applications made available by Google for iOS 7 previously. Cookook Contacts is a free application that helps iPhone users organize their different contacts, which may have different sources. This application organizes contacts from different social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Apple, Identical to specific contacts.
Best iPhone 4 Apps
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