Causes of forgetfulness in children

The causes of forgetfulness and memory weakness in children may be due to lack of concentration when studying or similar information, malnutrition, especially omega-3 deficiency, iron, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, salts and some vitamins such as B, A, E and obesity. Before the study directly, as the digestion needs a large amount of blood, so if the child eat food before eating directly will reduce the flow of blood to the brain and thus lead to inactivity and laziness and fatigue and lack of focus in the study and thus get weakness in memory.

It may occur because of the frequent television viewing and the risk of dispersion of attention and lack of focus, so that the child during the study of permanent Sarhan TV programs, which leads to the lack of information received by the brain and lack of focus, leading to forgetfulness.

In addition to the child's lack of safety and confidence around him, and constant concern for reasons such as family problems, which weakens memory, and pollution surrounding us a cause of forgetfulness, whether pollution of dust or radiation from telephones and noise in general, and some brain injuries and tumors that may be a cause In poor memory and forgetfulness.

In the study rely on memorization without understanding, so can not connect between each piece of information, while understanding makes it easily retrieves information when it needs. Infection with any organic disease such as: colds, high fever, colic pain, headache and other pathological symptoms that hinder concentration. Hunger and physical stress.
Causes of forgetfulness in children
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