Damage to teeth whitening

Pain, toothache, pain is one of the most serious and damaging side effects of tooth whitening. It is caused by the dislocation of the tooth enamel and access to the ivory layer, which is considered very sensitive.

In some cases, inflammation may cause inflammation of the gums. The gums may become infected with laser infections due to high laser temperatures, which also lead to disintegration of the cells, especially as it works on chemicals that may be dangerous to the gums due to burns.

The sensitivity of the teeth, where the sensitivity of the teeth to the food and fluids, cold and hot because of laser bleaching, resulting in the occurrence of a great pain of the person, and this result is caused by the disappearance of the protective layer of teeth is enamel.

It also causes roughness of the teeth, where the teeth are naturally smooth and smooth. This allows the food to slip easily, but the texture becomes rough when whitened, which attaches the bacteria and the bacterial plate to the surface of the teeth.
Damage to teeth whitening
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