Damages and risks of the Internet

Scientists have found that the Internet has a lot of damage that may occur in the case of misuse or excessive use, and from the disadvantages of the Internet, including the spread of cybercrime, as with the increasing number of people who use the Internet it is easy for professionals and those who have the ability to penetrate to get Personal information about individuals and their family members, and the use of this information in illegal ways. Criminals can also practice their criminal acts through websites without fear of censorship.

It also causes addiction and waste of time, as most people are addicted to the Internet and in different ways, some of them addicted to games and designed to add to them, and these games can be devastating to one's psyche without feeling it, and one may start using the Internet to do something Useful and exploiting his time for the benefit, but with the existence of the many delusions available on the Internet ends up distracting his thinking and wasting his time.

It also leads to the inability to be separated from work. Internet service has given the individual the ability to work from anywhere, at any time, and made it available at all times. You may be sitting at home and receiving an email asking him to perform a task related to his work , And ends up doing the work without receiving any additional funds to do so.

It also leads to many health problems: The Internet may lead to obesity problems due to laziness and lack of movement, it leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, and excessive use of the Internet can cause problems with the wrist or what is known as carpal tunnel Excessive mouse or continuous keyboard usage.

One of the biggest disadvantages is the large number of advertisements. Advertising has become easier to publish and a wider range of traditional means, which has led to the advertisements becoming a source of inconvenience to one to receive many of them on his e-mail and watch more on social networking sites and buy things without the need, As e-shopping has made it easier to shop around without having to go out of the house, you spend money on things you do not need, and you can develop into online shopping addiction. Bald Yoon as a result.
Damages and risks of the Internet
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