How to avoid the battery of the iPhone

The iPhone user can quickly avoid the battery charge of his device through a lot of advice on this. Among these tips is that he is updating the applications. Updating iPhone applications may lead to longer battery life. Mostly on advanced energy saving technologies.

Do not expose the iPhone to high heat. Be sure not to expose the iPhone to a temperature of more than thirty-five degrees Celsius, as this will lead to a decrease in battery life, and it is worth mentioning that the best temperatures that the device is designed to adapt are the grades between 16 To 22 ° C.

The device should be disconnected from the charger if it becomes hot. The user should disconnect the iPhone from the charger if it sees that the device has increased its temperature and the charger to a certain extent. The iPhone user should not charge the iPhone battery to its full capacity. Reduce battery life.
How to avoid the battery of the iPhone
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