How to build your child's personality

One of the most important ways to build your child's personality and make it stronger is self-esteem and respect. Raising a child's self-confidence is one of the most important steps in building his personality. Self-esteem and satisfaction affect his mental health and social happiness. The well-being of the child, and his success in the future; where self-confidence affects the behavior of the individual no matter how old; self-confidence helps to live with others, and feel satisfied with them.

 Parents must treat their children as unique and different, and avoid comparing them with peers of the same age or even siblings. Parents must also know their child's needs and strengths, and deal with their children. With them, and develop them to build their personality.

 Parents must encourage the child to play Give the child enough time to play is the key to building his personality and heighten, because it has a great impact on the development of the child is helping him to physical development, mental, emotional, when the child is learning it Exploration, leadership and decision-making, Working in groups, settling differences with others, solving his own problems, as well as trying to play different roles and develop his imagination.

The most important thing to build your child's personality is to avoid criticizing the child. The most important things that parents should pay attention to are to leave their child's personality grow and develop on their own, away from their formation according to their views or those of others around them. Bullying, hardness, and other qualities.
How to build your child's personality
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