How to change your Hotmail password when you forget it

One way to help change your password when you forget it is by following the steps below. First, go to the password reset page, choose the password reset reason, and click Next. Next.

Second, enter the e-mail address, phone number, or Skype number that was used when the Microsoft account was created. The email address in Microsoft's domain, such as or, and the characters that are displayed on the screen , To make sure that the user is not a robot, and then click Next.

Thirdly, the one-time code is sent to the alternate phone number or e-mail address that has been registered. If there is security information in the account, you should place the code on the next screen, then the person can create a new password, So no one gets into your Hotmail account.

Fourth, when you are sure you entered the new password you have to save it on your phone so you do not forget it again, and you try to login to the account using the new password, after that will open your account Hotmail if you are sure of the word you set.
How to change your Hotmail password when you forget it
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