How to create a forum

To create a forum you must follow the following methods, naming the forum, where it is important before working to create a forum, choose a name for him, so that the name provides a simple information about the nature of the forum, and must match his name with the content, The name indicates, and if the content of the forum consists of several topics, you must choose a suitable name for it.

The design of the forum pages, especially the home page, is a way to attract people to it. The more appropriate the design, the greater the number of participants in the forum, and there are two ways of design, the first: that the owner of the forum design, And the work of all pages, sections, contents, and links to navigate, the second, to use the designer of websites, which is based on the work of design of the Forum, and keep it attractive, and distinctive.

You can also get a web hosting and web hosting, which means that there is an electronic link and a stored space for the site. It is possible to get an electronic link to the forum in two ways: First: get a free e-link, and some sites provide hosting forums for free, It requires that the extension of the hosting site add the name of the site, sometimes associated with the name of the forum, or the end of the e-mail such as (.com, .net). It is also possible to host without any conditions. My work created two previous forum, opened Ready for me on the forum designs enable the owner to choose a design that finds it appropriate.

Buying an online link This method helps to get an e-link to the forum, by paying for it, to a company that offers link selling, which also offers website design service, and ready delivery with an electronic link chosen by its owner, Agreed upon in advance.

Marketing the forum and attracting users, where it is necessary to work on marketing the forum to attract users, it is possible to buy advertising space on other websites, or through exchanges between the forum and other forums, to get the largest number of active users and activists , Which contributes to better dissemination of the forum.
How to create a forum
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