How to Create a New Twitter Account

To create a new Twitter account you must follow the steps. First, you must log in to Twitter and sign in as a new user, and then enter the user name in the custom box. In this case, if the account to be created for personal use must enter the name, first and last name, If it is intended for business or commerce, the name of the company should be written in order to facilitate the search process.

Second, you must enter other information that the site directs, such as e-mail, user name, which should be distinguished and not used by other users, and choose the user's avatar, which will accompany all of his discussions or publications. It is possible to use the same user image or any other image The process of image selection is important, as it gives people a general idea of ​​the identity of the user and his ideas. It is possible to customize the profile and change the image of the Twitter account by going to the settings and pressing the design option.

Thirdly, you must get contacts and friends list using Twitter, which will appear to the user after entering his email address. If you want to communicate with people who do not have a Twitter account, you can send an invitation to use the site and start using the site. .
How to Create a New Twitter Account
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