How to help your baby sleep

One of the most important ways to help your child to sleep, where it is difficult for newborns to distinguish between night and day, but after a few weeks can differentiate, where there are some ways to help the baby to sleep, the use of light strategically, Melatonin is the hormone sleep, so it is necessary to allow the sun to enter the room where the baby is during the day, even at nap time, and darken his room during the night.

It is also preferable to wait a little while the child is awake. When the baby wakes up, you have to wait a little before going to him. He may go back to sleep. If he is awake, go to him before he begins to cry. , And the more interaction between the child and his parents whenever he paid to stay awake, so he likes not to talk enthusiastically with the child when sleeping, or looking directly into his eyes.

Do not change the diapers every time he wakes up. The baby does not need to change his diaper every time he wakes up. The baby should be sniffed to see if he needs it, and the wet tissue should be used when changing it.
How to help your baby sleep
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