How to keep your iPhone battery

There are a lot of ways and procedures that will keep your iPhone battery, and some of these ways to stop the update of some applications, and the applications intended here are those that work in the background of the iPhone and update automatically, which may cause depletion of the battery of the mobile phone.

 One of the things that helps keep the battery is to use the manual update of all applications and prevent the auto-update feature, and the work to stop the ads, and this option is available for iOS 9, where the ads can be stopped by using the Safari browser to turn on automatic brightness. By adjusting the light sensor in the iPhone, which will reduce the consumption of the battery because of the little brightness that the phone in dark places.

You may also need to turn off some services, as the activation of some services continuously consumes the battery and reduces its lifetime. Examples of services that must not be left active all the time are Wi-Fi, GPS, Hotspot and Bluetooth. Animated Wallpaper of iPhone.
How to keep your iPhone battery
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