How to protect children from food poisoning

The following guidelines can be followed to prevent poisoning by children. Instruct the child to wash his hands thoroughly with soap and water for 15 seconds after using the bath, after touching the raw food, before eating, touching the animals and washing dishes and surfaces used to prepare food with hot water and soap.

Avoid unpasteurized milk for the child. Vegetables and fruits should be carefully washed. Keep cooked foods away from raw foods such as vegetables and meat, do not keep long-term food spoilable, keep the remaining food in sealed containers and place them directly in the refrigerator.

 Dissolve frozen foods in the refrigerator, cold water, or microwave, and do not leave them in room temperature until they dissolve and get rid of expired foods, or if they change their taste or smell, preferably avoid ingestion of untreated water, and advise pregnant women to stay away from eating Non-raw foods, milk and non-pasteurized juices, luncheon, and sausages.

The meat must be cooked until it reaches the safe temperature. Meat and fish need to be cooked to a temperature of 63 degrees Celsius. Chicken and turkey should heat up to 74 degrees Celsius, cook the eggs until the yolk is solid. It is recommended that the person changing the nappy The person attending his food is in a childcare place.
How to protect children from food poisoning
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