How to protect Facebook from hacking

To protect Facebook, you must choose a strong password. A strong password is one of the most important mechanisms to protect your Facebook account, so make sure that the password is long, ie 12-14 characters or more, and that it is a mixture of random characters. Personal information and, most importantly, that the same password should not be used in any other online account; a person should use a different password for each different account, and would prefer to change the password once every six months, whether on facebook or other Accounts.

Privacy settings are constantly evolving. As a result, privacy settings options may also change, so you should check your privacy settings at least once a month, and take advantage of updates, including the option to choose "Friends only" or Choose "Restrict" some people from seeing specific posts .

You do not have to share the details of your life on your Facebook account; there are things you should avoid sharing, such as your full date of birth, whereabouts, social status or emotional status, and avoid entering your password on any device. A person prefers to enter a password on trusted devices only; If he uses a computer he does not know or does not trust, he should avoid entering his password for anything that requires it, because hackers usually use keystrokes on computer systems, Record everything the person writes including passwords.
How to protect Facebook from hacking
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