How to teach letters to children

One of the best steps to follow is to learn the children's letters. First, to attract the child's attention, if you want to be your son, you have to tell him stories of fantasy and listen to these stories; because imagination is more important than the knowledge he will learn in his life. His love for learning is the first step to teach him.

Second, where separate letters must be taught, the Arabic language consists of 28 basic characters. The child should be taught all these letters separately and individually. It is best to learn, memorize and memorize them, and then write them separately.

Thirdly, you have to find a fun way to teach the characters to the child: first there are some children who do not want to learn characters, and thus can be attracted by making them a game, and this can be by sticking words in his room or play with him the game of words, say to him what words begin with a letter Thus, in this way the child is encouraged to learn.

Fourth, it is preferable to watch educational videos, where there are many videos on websites that teach children the alphabet. This is very fun and can generate passion in children, so the child can enjoy these videos and learn to lift himself without the need to teach. In the search engines for the teaching of alphabetical children and download them to see, and this method proved effective is to teach the child how to use technology in learning and also benefit greatly from language learning.
How to teach letters to children
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