How to teach my child to speak

To teach my child to talk and talk with others, you must follow some of the methods and tips of them, you should describe the verbs by talking, as this contributes to describe the actions of the parents to the child in helping him use speech, as a way to express practical experiences, and things that can be described to the child: Cleaning clothes, changing clothes, or feeding.

It is also advisable to read and read the child by looking for books made of cardboard or picture books suitable for the age of the child, urging him to look at the mention of pictures, or start with books that can be touched, and then allow the child With clear images with an experience of naming them, then doing some appropriate songs for the child, taking care to have an attractive rhythm, then ascend to those books that predict what will happen, and over time the child begins to save the stories that tell him.

In addition, he prefers to use games. Playing games in which the children are represented can help to develop the skill of the child's participation in the conversation. There are many listening games that are recommended, such as clapping games.

As he must assemble several games that make sounds and then make a sound from one of them away from the child's sight, the child must know the game that issued the sound. Listening to the child The children try to imitate the sounds that the parents make as a monologue, where their tones and tones vary to match the sound. Parents must be patient and give the child time to talk to them.

Talking to a child is a necessary way to teach them to talk. The child learns to talk through conversations. Parents are encouraged to simplify their conversation by using brief sentences and emphasizing important words when talking to a child. Necessary.
How to teach my child to speak
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