How to treat jaundice in children

Treatment of Juvenile Jaundice in Children Most cases of jaundice in newborn infants are simple cases and disappear on their own without the need for treatment, but can be followed by some procedures to alleviate the situation is to continue breastfeeding from the mother and frequent daily; Breastfeeding helps to stimulate the movement of the bowel , Thus eliminating the bilirubin causing jaundice through the stool.

The use of light therapy to expose the child to a certain light (not the neon light), taking into account the coverage of the eye and genitalia to be shed directly on the skin, breaking the bilirubin, and advised to expose the child to the sun in the early morning; Strong for about ten minutes.

The blood must be replaced by withdrawing a small amount of the baby's blood through a dedicated device. The blood is then purified from the excess bilirubin and then returned to the child's body. The child may need to change the blood more than once according to the elevation ratio Bilirubin so as to avoid brain damage, and this type of treatment is used in the case of failure of phototherapy.
How to treat jaundice in children
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