Know the ways to deal with a stubborn child

The stubbornness of children can be dealt with by accepting the truth of child stubbornness. No one knows where and who has acquired stubbornness, but the fact is that many children are characterized as such, so you must realize that all kinds of stubbornness are not bad, Perseverance if directed correctly. Take the time to talk to children, and most kids do not listen very well, so it may take more time to get them to listen and stop stubborn. They become stubborn if they want to get something, like food or games. If their goal is left stubborn, It is not easy to respond to children's requests.

Children should be treated as adults and given an opportunity to explain their needs and requirements. If they can explain their reasons, they can be negotiated and negotiated. Many believe that it is difficult to engage children in discussions. Is successful, but in fact this can be achieved, as some children will respond to orders if spoken to them with a quiet voice, looking at their eyes.

You should maintain a quiet tone of voice, and the dialogue with the child should be calm, because raising the volume and screaming and using violence against the stubborn child will make it more aggressive, and will tend to imitate, reciprocity and perseverance, and use warnings. For the stubborn child will help calm him, taking care not to scare him with ghosts or neighbors, because it can turn into a phobia in the future.

Kamel is a good step in dealing with the stubborn child, because after a period of tired of screaming and crying, and begin to forget and do other work. Attention is diverted, and distractions are recommended to distract the child's stubborn attention, such as going to the park, or going shopping. Believing: The stubborn child should be believed to improve and renounce that status, because in the end he is a responsible and successful child.
Know the ways to deal with a stubborn child
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