Methods of disposal of the carrier gases

There are many safe ways to get rid of the problem of gases in the pregnant, including the intake of sufficient amounts of fluids, where it is recommended during pregnancy not less than the proportion of water or other fluids of about 2.3 liters, as water and fluids are very important in general to prevent the incidence of constipation Which increases the problem of gas in the abdomen, in addition to the role of fluids in facilitating digestion within the stomach to prevent the arrival of undigested food to the bacteria in the intestine, as digestion of food by these bacteria causes the accumulation of gases in the abdomen, one To avoid entering the air to the abdomen and increase the problem of gases worse.

It is also recommended to avoid eating certain types of foods, where there are some foods that are believed to play a role in increasing the proportion of gases, so reducing the intake may help to alleviate this problem, but with the need to ensure the appropriate amounts of nutrients to ensure the safety Pregnant mother and fetus, common foods that may lead to increased abdominal gas are foods containing fructose or fructose, soft drinks, and artificial sweeteners such as sorbitol.

Pregnant women are encouraged to eat fiber-rich foods. Although fiber-rich foods may temporarily increase the problem of abdominal gases, these foods help to eliminate long-term gas problems by preventing constipation. More than water to the intestines, which facilitates the movement of food and prevents constipation, and it is worth noting that the possibility of eating dietary supplements containing fiber after consultation with the doctor, such as seeds of cotton.

You can also exercise. Regular exercise helps to prevent abdominal gas. Exercise should not be less than 150 minutes per week. You should consult your doctor before starting any exercise. During pregnancy.
Methods of disposal of the carrier gases
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