Methods of disposal of the skin of the child's head

One of the most important ways to help rid the crust of hair for newborns should be washing the child's hair gently on a daily basis, and then comb with a comb with the teeth close together gently and without tension on the head of the child, especially that the head is not fully rigid, and must wash the hair with special shampoo types Remove the cortex, which must contain salicylic acid or tar, and shampoo is purchased from the pharmacy to ensure its composition and health.

In addition, he must stay away from putting any kind of oils on the child's hair or any cream after his bath, it increases the accumulation of the problem and does not lead to the final solution. Exposure of the child and especially the head area to the sun for 15 minutes a day, and children over the year wet the child's hair with water and then comb until the crust out from the depths to the outside, and then rub it with shampoo and wash well, the focus on washing hair is very important to prevent the formation Other layers of the crust, where the survival of simple effects of shampoo on the scalp helps the skin significantly on the production of dandruff and dermatitis.

It is also recommended to use a special medical shampoo, which is used after a doctor. The study shows that eating sugars increases the cortex, while taking vitamins and zinc component very much Addresses the severity of the problem.

As well as to know the nature of the child's hair, if it is greasy should be a shower on a daily basis so as not to accumulate fat and the emergence of the crust, and other types of hair enough to shower twice a week, and to give the child absolute psychological comfort and make him happy, the poor mental situation have a significant impact on the increase Dandruff.
Methods of disposal of the skin of the child's head
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