Methods of raising correct children

In order to raise children properly, the balanced mode of education must be followed. Balanced treatment of children contributes to both ill and firmness. It clearly means boundaries and prohibitions of undesirable misconduct, with explanation and reasons for persuasive education. Children, sometimes resorting to violence to impose control is not the best solution in education and obedience, but on the contrary, it affects the child's personality and self-confidence, how lenient with the child is not a solution also, it makes the child does not respect the laws and rules.

In addition, it helps parents to monitor their behavior. Parents should not always impose the right and wrong, define the prohibitions on the child, and then do either of these acts. Rather, the rules of education must conform to their actions. Parents are the mirror from which the child learns Until he becomes a mature young man.

The child must also respect each other's parents. Parents should respect each other regardless of the differences they may have, which may pass on any marital relationship, and the lack of exchange of abusive words that will be reflected in the child's personality and sense of safety, and loss of respect for parents and hatred. Father and mother role models. Respect for the child in front of others This method is not to mention the parents of the disadvantages of the child and his mistakes or criticism of his actions in front of others, which causes embarrassment to the child, shaking his mental composition, so grow up weak personality, and tends to convergence, so should not insult the child in front of one, especially friends and peers, Existence of strangers.

It should be appreciated and rewarded when success must be appreciated for the child and praise him in the success of school or in the behaviors and behaviors in life, so continue in these behaviors, and more important to him, and reward him an appreciation and expression of success, and debate and persuasion contribute to the debate within the framework of respect and civilized manner of influence The great character of the child and his actions within the community, if used to exchange and respect the views of others, and non-authoritarian and dictatorship.
Methods of raising correct children
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