Methods of treatment of skin rashes in children

For treatment of skin rashes in children, the child must be kept dry and clean throughout the time and change the preservation of it immediately after the dirt, and clean the back of the child with warm water and alcohol-free soap and drying completely, and leave the child for as long as possible without wearing the preservation so that the skin from drought And rapid healing.

It is also recommended to use some of the protective creams that help to protect the baby's skin from the wet, which form a layer of insulation of urine and stool and skin of the child, and use diapers that have a high absorption capacity to protect your child's skin as wet as possible, And
substances that cause irritation and sensitivity in the child.
You should also use a special ointment to make sure that your body does not increase. Keep your clothes clean and dry. Ventilate your child from time to time. Do not leave your child with nappy for a long period of time. Diseases that have increased dramatically.
Methods of treatment of skin rashes in children
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