Photoshop features

Photoshop has a consistent user interface, although it is not simple and complex but it is clear and easy to handle compared to other competing programs, which allows manual access to options in addition to the presence of automatic functions and a lot of shortcuts.

As Photoshop is characterized by high-tech programming, where experts were able to reduce the visual adjustments that deal with the computer, which gives better results in the contrast of colors in the images and change in size and other effects of editing and processing, which makes Photoshop excel in this regard.

There are many videos that explain the program and teach people how to deal with the problems they face, and not limited to Photoshop to modify the images, but extends to all media over the Internet, you can modify the videos, and create 3D images In addition to graphic design.

Also, Alfotoshob is a program that adjusts images and graphs, which is characterized by modifying the images based on the system of bitmaps is the pixel system, in addition to the construction of multiple layers and control the colors of images and degree of transparency, and contains many filters and effects ...
Photoshop features
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