Problems with wats

One of the most important problems caused by wats is not getting the activation code. When the application is downloaded on a new phone, the user is required to write the phone number to send his activation code, but sometimes it takes time to arrive, Confirm that the phone number is correct and that the number has no other account in the UPS account because only one account can be used for the device.

Second: Not recognizing the accounts The WattsApp application saves the accounts of the registered contacts on the phone automatically, and sometimes some accounts are not recognized. In this case, an account on the contact is made to the contact, Before the number. Make sure that your contacts are in Visual mode in your phone history.

Third: Do not save conversations Sometimes there is the problem of not keeping the conversations in the watt when you change the phone, and to ensure that the conversations are saved when you change the phone, you must do the following: [2] Click the menu button, then Settings' , And choose Save Conversations.
Problems with wats
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