Protect your laptop from viruses

There are several ways to protect your laptop from viruses by avoiding opening e-mail messages from unknown senders, and not opening any unknown e-mail attachments. Many viruses can be attached to e-mail messages that attack the device as soon as they are opened. Use the pop-up blocker in the user's web browser, which is at the top of the website you open. In addition to

If the individual uses the Internet Explorer browser, you must make sure that the Smart Screen filter is activated. This filter helps to protect your laptop from viruses, warn it by reporting the website, and use the firewall, where the Windows Firewall or any firewall application Another protection, that helps to warn of any virus trying to connect to the computer, can also prevent viruses, and hacker from trying to download potentially harmful applications to the computer.

You can also clear your Internet cache and browsing history, because most browsers store information about the websites that an individual visits, and the information they provide, such as name and address. Methods of knowing viruses There are several ways in which the existence of viruses can be identified, including the presence of viruses on the computer if the speed of the device is noticed.
Protect your laptop from viruses
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