Signs of child readiness to learn to use the bathroom

The most important signs that indicate the child's readiness for the bath, not to show the child at night, the regularity of the dates of release and relatively predictable, and the possibility of observing the survival of the dry preservative for at least two hours, or after waking from daytime sleep, indicating that the bladder muscles have grown in a way that allows to adjust The process of urination and storage of urine.

The child's response to instructions and simple orders, and his answer to the questions of inquiry, such as the question if he needs to change his wallet, or is it possible for him to change his clothes? He needs to enter the bathroom.

Thirdly, the child is able to feel and feel the physical stimuli that indicate that he is being wet, such as going to a particular place or angle, taking a position indicating that the process of taking out, stopping him from playing, doing anything to be aware of it, Need to change the diaper, and show the child attention to the bathroom, and what happens inside it; by trying to enter it, or control who enters it, and what to do.
Signs of child readiness to learn to use the bathroom
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