Signs of hyperactivity

 There are signs of an overactive child, self-centered behavior. The child does not care about the feelings or desires of others. He constantly interrupts their conversation, can not keep up with the role, does not have communication skills and plays with peers.

Emotional distress: the child suffers from feelings of anger and emotions, suffers from fits of anger in inappropriate situations, restlessness, and inability to sit on the chair quietly and without moving. The child tries to move as he or she sits down Running, refusing or resisting sitting on the chair.

 It is also characterized by not completing the tasks performed by any type of what is required of him; see the child, for example start school duties, and then leave, and do another job, and lack of focus and attention; where if someone tried to talk to the child directly and asked a specific task of him, He understood what he was asking. He would say: Yes, but he may not be able to repeat what was said to him if asked to do so.

It is also a lot of mistakes committed by the child, because of his inability to plan or implement, not because he is negligent or has a low level of intelligence, which may make him unintentionally neglected 'and the emergence of signs of rudeness and neglect on the child in certain cases, As if he had a special world that does not care about what happens outside it.
Signs of hyperactivity
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