Take care of your teeth after removing the calendar

From the advice we give you after removing the calendar, the patient must use the dental fixator, a mobile device placed by the patient during the period of sleep for four to five months, and should take into account some things in this period to obtain stable results and guaranteed.

The installer should be placed for up to six months or as instructed by the doctor and for the period specified. Do not eat during the installation of teeth. The toothpaste should not be neglected or forgotten, especially during sleep, and if forgotten, the patient should wear it for two days or more so that the teeth do not return to their previous position.

It is also recommended to clean the teeth with brush and lukewarm water, and must be saved in the installer and the attention to clean and sterilized well, and the patient must pay attention to the toothpaste so that it is smooth, It may damage the gums or scratch it, so be careful to clean it from one time to another using an emery board and the doctor can do so.

 If the toothpaste is lost or broken, you should go to the doctor immediately to make a new fix. Care should be taken of the internal toothpaste and always cleaned by the brush, and the doctor should be consulted from time to time to evaluate the tooth position for a period of time.
Take care of your teeth after removing the calendar
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