Tips for keeping phone batteries

One of the most important tips to keep phone batteries as long as possible, you can turn off the device when you sleep, go to an important job interview, or go to a remote area as this is the best way to prolong battery life, In a remote area, which contributes to the consumption of battery life, so it is preferred to extinguish, and use a microphone to signal the phone.

You should not completely discharge the battery, as this can damage the battery and not completely charge the battery, especially if the battery is made of thyleneium. Caution is not to use the vibration feature, it is preferable to rely fully on the ringing, Vibration to damage the battery.

In addition, not relying on the back light in the phone, which leads to the consumption of battery power, but prefer to use other sources of light when needed, and not prolong the talk on the phone, but prefer to reduce calls, to ensure the maintenance of the battery life as much as possible .

You should reduce screen surfaces as much as possible, and do not use the moving wallpaper of the phone screen. This will empty the batteries. Instead, use black backgrounds instead. Do not use Bluetooth continuously unless necessary, because Bluetooth causes damage. The battery is damaged.e.
Tips for keeping phone batteries
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