Tips for tonsillitis

There are some tips that are used to treat tonsillitis in children, by feeding them and providing them with comfort. Here are some tips that should be taken into account. If the child feels difficulty swallowing, liquids and soft foods, such as soups, milk, Juices, and many more.

In addition, it must be sure that the child gets enough fluids, and the child should get a lot of rest and sleep. Use warmers to moisten the air to breathe, avoid soft drinks and very hot tea, and avoid foods that contain a very acidic or hot taste, such as: hot sauces, yogurt, sour cream, and fried foods; all increase irritation of the throat, Cause more inflammation and pain.

In addition, the child's temperature should be periodically taken, recorded and monitored. Aspirin or other aspirin-containing products should be avoided. The equipment and tools used by the child should be separated from the rest of the equipment and tools of others to prevent infection if they use their needs Special, baby's hands must be washed with soap and water to prevent infection. Gargle is recommended with warm water and salt several times a day.
Tips for tonsillitis
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