Treatment of malnutrition

  For treatment of malnutrition, it must be treated with the treatment of its causes, for example: treatment of mental disorders, or help patients unable to move in access to food, or treatment of diarrhea and gastrointestinal disorders different, and home treatment under the supervision of a doctor and this treatment by a balanced diet Slim contains all the basic nutrients needed by the body, such as: proteins, sugars, vitamins, minerals and fluids, in addition to the possibility of using some supplements if needed.

The treatment is also in cases of severe malnutrition, which is through the doctor to multiple ways to compensate for the lack of food in the body, namely: the transfer of food to the stomach using the tube, or using needles in the vein, or use the natural feeding method Oral.

In addition, a balanced healthy diet is essential to include the four main food groups, such as energy nutrients (carbohydrates and sugars), such as bread, rice and potatoes, and fiber-rich nutrients (vegetables and fruits), such as carrots, , And protein-rich building nutrients (meat, dairy and legumes), such as milk, cheese, eggs, fish and chicken.
Treatment of malnutrition
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