Ways to develop my child 's personality

 The most important ways to develop the personality of your child interactive play, where the child benefit from playing with other children in his age, because it acquires the social skills related to solving problems in relational issues, and through interactive play is on the parents to teach the child how to find solutions when faced with difficult situations, "What do you do?" Or "If you choose this solution, what are the results?" He asked.

The child's skills are developed through training, that is, the father's job is to support the child so that he or she can grow and develop, and allow him or her to do the work on his or her own initiative or to help him to achieve his or her own confidence, Parents should therefore be relieved of their concern for their child.

You should also make the child believe that the difference is normal. Parents should know that each child is different. It is self-distinguishing. Dieter Dickard, a professor of psychology, says that children differ from one another in personalities, including siblings. The parents' responsibility is to enhance their child's personality in a way that suits their needs, and to fit their strengths.

Reading stories full of values ​​is usually a reading of the important habits used in the development of the son, because it enhances the language and communication abilities through the examples of behavioral social and emotional sound, so CASEL site advises to read stories to the child, and talk about positive behaviors when the story characters behave Appropriate, and discussed in the inappropriate behaviors that have been mentioned.
Ways to develop my child 's personality
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