Ways to increase the weight of children

One of the most important ways to increase the weight of children, be careful to provide multiple meals for the child, provided they are separated from each other, and encourage the child to exercise, which increases the mass of muscles, such as swimming, climbing, fast walking, and to provide drinks The energy of the child between meals, which helps the beverage to compensate for the nutrients lost by the body of the child, which leads to weight increase, the most important: full milk, and milk puddies.

In addition, it is recommended to focus on feeding the child high calorie foods and foodstuffs, as well as to provide foods that contain useful nutrients, such as fiber, proteins, minerals, and chicken meal vegetables is one of the most important foods rich in calories.

It is also preferred to provide energy-rich foods in reasonable quantities and reasonable, as these games play an important role in increasing the weight of the child, the most famous: Avocados and pasta, and encourage the child to eat the sinks: because they contain a high proportion of energy and calories, and taste delicious Also, examples are: peanut butter with apple cut, butter with jam.

It is also recommended to add spices to baby food, such as tomato sauce, mayonnaise, but consider adding a small amount of these spices, and provide three snacks for the child between the main meals, and encourage the child to eat, in order to provide the child with the energy, For example, you can make jam sandwiches for your child between his main meals, or make a piece of his cookies.

It is important to ensure that the child has all of his main meals, especially breakfast, because they contribute to giving the child the nutrients and energy needed during the day, and you can give him a glass of milk or a glass of natural juice for breakfast.
Ways to increase the weight of children
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