Ways to remove sweat odor

The most important procedures to remove the smell of sweat, the need to maintain the cleanliness of the personal intensively, as washing areas exposed to sweating significantly and bathing at least once a day removes sweat and reduces the number of bacteria and reduce the smell of the body, and it is recommended to use antibacterial soap, For bathing, in order to reduce the number of bacteria on the skin and thus reduce the smell of sweat.

Also, you should dry the body well, and make sure that the areas that sweat easily after bathing are dried. It is difficult to grow and multiply the sweat-causing bacteria on the dry skin and keep the clothes clean. Changing the clothes when sweating greatly helps to relieve sweat.

Eating foods and drinks should be avoided. Some foods may increase sweat, such as hot peppers and spicy food, which may have a negative effect on body odor. Strongly aromatic foods such as onion and garlic also affect the smell of sweat and make it worse.

 In addition, drinks containing caffeine or alcohol increase sweating, and remove armpit hair, which slows the hair from the evaporation of the sweat, allowing the bacteria to interact with him and foul odors, so removing it helps control the smell emitted from that region.
Ways to remove sweat odor
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