What does a child eat at the age of six months?

One of the most important foods that a child should eat at the age of six months is when you wake up in the early morning, breast milk, or artificial milk suitable for age, and give it breakfast, and be late in the morning, where it is prepared from three to six tablespoons Of rice for children, mixed with a little milk mother or artificial milk with him, and can replace rice with fruit or vegetables boiled and mashed.

At lunch, there is lunch, namely breast milk, artificial milk, afternoon or afternoon meal, breast milk, artificial milk, evening meal, mother's milk or artificial milk. Bedtime meal, mother's milk, or artificial milk. A meal of food, such as fruit, mashed vegetables or rice, can be introduced into the child's food late in the day, after he gets used to solid foods.

It is prepared by cleaning 100 grams of carrots, cutting them, then immersing them in water, and putting them on fire for ten minutes until they ripen and become soft, and then put with three tablespoons of water of the salt in the electric mixer Until the carrots become in the form of a soft mix. Potato, squash, cauliflower, and pumpkin are brought in the same way.
What does a child eat at the age of six months?
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