What is the fastest Internet browser

Mozilla Firefox is a fast browser that uses a small fraction of RAM even with many open tabs on the browser. A new version of this browser has been released. (Firefox Quantum), which is characterized by the privacy of high privacy to the users, where the non-profit Firefox is making periodic updates related to security and privacy, has been issued a version of Firefox browser to browse through the virtual world.

Google Chrome is one of the most fast-paced browsers, with the ability to synchronize user browsing data and the security features that warn the user when opening any dangerous sites or files. Voice Search can be used in the Google Chrome browser, It has the ability to translate Internet sites that are opened through this browser, and is available for versions of the smart phones, both those running on Android or iOS, and the user can save the privacy of what is browsing through the use of what is known as safe mode, which prevents the preservation of browsing records.

One of the most important applications is Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge is characterized by its high speed. Microsoft's browser has many great features. It can hide tabs, read e-books and PDF files. URLs, and it is worth noting that this browser can be updated independently of the Windows system update.

 Samsung Internet is the browser of Samsung, one of the Internet browsers that go on all the devices of the Android operating system without exception, and features rapid browsing and simple sites, and it helps to protect the user from malicious sites, as well as contain a tool to help shopping from the site Amazon , And many other features that made it popular in Android devices.
What is the fastest Internet browser
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