What is the way to increase the memory of the iPhone

One of the most important ways to increase the space of the same iPhone, you clear the browser cache The iPhone can store the history of the browser, and data does not need a person if the Safari is used all the time, so the person should clear the cache of Safari browser, In order to save space on the device memory, this can be done by opening the "Settings", then pressing the "Safari", moving down the menu, then the button on the "erase the log and Internet site data" Open the Chrome application, and then click on the three-point icon in the Upper right corner, then click "Date" and press "Clear Browser Data"

 Second, turn off the flow of images. Turning on the "Image Flow" feature loads images taken on your iPhone, iPad or photos uploaded from the laptop to the camera file on the phone. These images are not very accurate, It occupies a large amount of iPhone memory, so you are advised to turn off the "flow of images" to be able to take advantage of the extra space on the phone,

 You can also use external wireless hard drives. Adding external wireless hard drives to your iPhone can add space in your device memory. You should search for a hard drive that is compatible with your iPhone. One drive can add hundreds of gigabytes (GB) or terabytes The storage capacity of the phone, you must pay attention before getting one of the ease of carrying, and compatibility with iPhone applications.

Data stored on external hard drives is treated as separate from the internal memory of the iPhone, so the images on the hard drive can be accessed through the hard drive application, not the image application.
What is the way to increase the memory of the iPhone
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