Clean the device from viruses

There are steps that must be followed when a user is aware of a virus on the device. You can use an antivirus program. This is the most important step. Using an antivirus program, the computer is better protected against many viruses. You should focus on the following points, use a free anti-virus program or a trial version to ensure that it can protect your device from all types of viruses, provide an additional firewall, and that the anti-virus software is compatible with the device, , Especially when used His mother with mobile phones.

The second step in separating the Internet from the device, most viruses that attack the device are powered by its main source, which communicate with him through the Internet, especially if the virus designed by a hacker, and when disconnecting the Internet from the device, we can work to reduce the supply The virus is in the energy, and will remain confined within the device only.

Third, the device must be reworked. This is the last and most difficult step that a user might resort to because there are some types of viruses that the antivirus program can not capture and cure because of its high ability to hide or to infect the operating system. The ideal solution is to reformat the device, either by deleting the platform, Windows, or any system on which the device is running, and downloading a new system, to make sure the virus has completely left the device.
Clean the device from viruses
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