Factors that affect fetal growth

One of the most important factors that affect the development of the fetus first factor RH or the reaisi, which symbolize and indicate the composition of a specific chemical in the blood and any lack or disappearance in this factor does not affect the health of the person himself, as there are people carrying RH positive and others have a negative RH When a positive male mates a negative woman, this results in poor and not good results for the fetus and sometimes this may affect his or her life. If the fetus's blood is positive, the mother's blood is likely to produce antibodies to positive RH, which is considered strange to her body. Leads to a second pregnancy threat because it is produced after aloe When the baby's blood leaks into the mother's blood, causing immature cells, destruction of red blood cells, and disturbances in the distribution of oxygen in the fetus.

The second factor is the mother's diet as it is one of the most important factors that affect the growth of the fetus and it is in the womb of the mother prenatal, as maternal malnutrition affects the process of development of the fetus and mothers who suffer from malnutrition do not provide themselves and their children with adequate and necessary food It also causes slow growth and development of the fetus because it works on changes in the growth of the nervous system of the fetus. Food also affects the process of forming the lipid envelope of nerve fibers and also reduces the number of brain cells produced at this stage, so the mother must take care Food and quality In order to maintain their health and the health of her unborn child.

The third of these factors, the mother's treatment of drugs and drugs during pregnancy affect the development of the fetus, which causes damage when taken, such as medicines taken by the mother to reduce the pain of childbirth, which may cause harmful effects on the health of the fetus and its development and because they flow through the placenta and anti-pregnancy drugs also have side effects The mother must be careful and careful to be pregnant after the interruption of their use directly.

Fourth, any diseases that affect the mother during pregnancy especially in the first months of pregnancy, which adversely affect the health and development of the fetus, especially if the mother has a rise in temperature, and chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, tuberculosis, measles, diabetes and syphilis can cause birth defects in the child, especially in the months First of pregnancy.
Factors that affect fetal growth
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